Olympic Bumper Plates 45/35/25/15/10lb Sets (Seconds)

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BRAND NEW Olympic bumper plates, made in the USA! These hitemp Olympic bumper plates are perfect for all sorts of lifting and training! Get a bumper plate that is effective, reliable, and won't damage your floor, so you can drop from any height!

Great bumpers for Olympic lifts, powerlifting, training, Crossfit, and strength sports. If you need a reliable bumper plate, this is what you need!

Bumpers have some blemishes from being factory seconds (manufacturing imperfections/cosmetic blemishes).

Full sets AND individual pairs available!


Bumper Plate Sizing Chart*

Durometer Rating 75
Width Diameter
2.5lb Plate Width 1.25" 203MM
5lb Plate Width 2.06" 254MM
10LB Plate Width 1.37" 445MM
15LB Plate Width 1.87" 445MM
25LB Plate Width 2.25" 445MM
35LB Plate Width 3.12" 445MM
45LB Plate Width 3.75" 445MM


*Brands vary, photos are only for reference.

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