Freemotion Row Machine Cable Machine

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Freemotion row machine, a different type of cable machine that allows you to mimic your body's natural motion and eliminates the need for a specific machine that locks you into a specific range of motion. The Freemotion cable machine allows you to perfectly follow your body's natural contours and movement while getting an amazing back workout.

Manufacturer description:
The Row is an essential tool for helping build strength to maintain good posture. This functional, cable-based design features swivel pulleys and extensive cable travel for fluid movement and wide range of motion. The Row machine's intuitive design with a single adjustment of the thigh pads, gives even the beginning exerciser the confidence to walk up and work out. For users looking to build targeted muscle mass, the lower-body isolation is key to focus the effort on the upper back.

Dimensions: 56 x 36 x 77 in

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