InFlight Fitness Lat Pull / Row / Back Extension Combo Multi-Pull Strength Equipment

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Inflight Fitness multi-pull combines lat pull down, mid-row, low row, bicep curl, tricep push down, and hyper back extension into one compact unit! Stop paying for 6 separate machines, and get a single, compact, and commercial grade piece of fitness equipment for your gym today. With over 200+ lbs of resistance, this beast of a machine will get your entire body a fantastic workout in no time. Combine that with the durability of a high end piece of fitness equipment and you have a winning combination!

You've never seen a better piece of fitness equipment for your gym, it's really a multi purpose unit that can do it all with ease! Same time, money, and effort with this machine.

Manufacturer's Description:
Looking for a machine that can give you a complete back and arm workout? Look no further than the Multi Lat / Arm! This machine includes six different exercises – lat pull down, mid-row, low row, bicep curl, tricep push down, and hyper back extension – so you can hit every muscle group. Plus, the height-adjustable thigh pad and preacher curl pad provides more stability and enable you to focus on your form. And with a steel shroud powder-coated finish, this machine is built to last.

Dimensions: 47″(W) x 77.75″(L) x 82″(H)

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