Fitness Gym Flooring Rubber Horse Stall Mats for Weightlifting

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Factory seconds stall mats available NOW! Pick yours up this week, and get ahead of the rush, as these things will sell out FAST!

Mats are 3/4" thick, 4' x 6' in length. Very heavy duty and can absolutely take a beating with whatever your application, whether it be horses, barns, stalls, and warehouses, to whatever fitness equipment or gym equipment you might have on top. Deadlift, squat, benchpress on these mats, they will do your dirty work and protect your concrete floor from damage in the process!

You have a choice when you put this mat on your gym floor! One side is dotted, the other side is smooth, so feel free to choose whichever surface you prefer when you put the mat down on your floor!

Note: these are "factory seconds" so they may have minor cosmetic defects such as blemishes, rough edges, missing corners, tears, or inconsistencies.

Still a great deal for stall mats, which are incredibly hard to find right now!


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