Typically, commercial gym equipment is larger and has less functionality. Think about the rows and rows of machines at commercial gyms that allow you to do leg extensions, biceps curls, or shoulder press. This works great for these gyms, but you are going to need smaller versions of these machines or even no machines at all in your home gym.

Things like leg extension or lat pull-down attachments to a power rack can be a great solution to your space problem. 

Okay, so which is best for you?

Generally speaking, if you are operating a commercial gym, commercial gym equipment is the best option. I know, groundbreaking stuff here. You simply can’t afford to opt for cheaper equipment you are constantly replacing. Buy quality and it will last, you know that you get what you pay for. 

If you are looking to buy equipment for your home gym, you can go with either type of equipment.

For most home gyms, home or private gym equipment is perfectly fine. There are two questions you should ask yourself if you are considering buying commercial gym equipment instead:

  1. Do you have the space?

  2. Do you mind spending a little bit more money?

If you answered yes to both of these, go for it. For instance, if you’ve decided that a leg press machine is something you are going to be using often and love and you have the space, go for it. Just know, that by saying yes to that, you are saying no to a lot of other options that may give you more functionality for your space.

But, it’s better to buy one piece of equipment you will use than an all-in-one home gym machine that will get dusty and hold all your clothes. 

It really comes down to prioritizing equipment that fits your space, and your budget, and allows you to reach your fitness goals.

After all, wherever you are at on your fitness journey whether you workout at commercial gyms, group fitness classes, with personal training services, or at home, almost any workout is better than no workout. 


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