Ep. 76 - Body Solid and Creating Quality Fitness Equipment with CEO Scott McDonald

Ep. 76 - Body Solid and Creating Quality Fitness Equipment with CEO Scott McDonald

FreedomCast Podcast
Scott from BodySolid joins the podcast to discuss BodySolid, Powerline, and Best Fitness products, and the impact BodySolid has had on the industry...
how to become a fitness influencer

Ep. 75 - How to Become a Fitness Influencer with Betsy Parmley

FreedomCast Podcast
If you've ever wanted to dive a little further into the fitness influencer world from someone who doesn't necessarily think of themselves as an inf...
Jen Thompson

Ep. 74 - Benchpress Behemoth at 49 with Jen Thompson

FreedomCast Podcast
Jen Thompson is an international superstar powerlifter, having broken over 14 world records in the benchpress and other lifts, and blowing out nati...
bending barbell

Ep. 72 - Bending an Unbreakable Barbell with David Abernethy from Tsunami Bar

FreedomCast Podcast
David Abernethy is a high profile strength coach and athlete. He enjoyed nearly twenty-five years as a college athlete and Coach playing and coachi...
how to deadlift a house

Ep. 71 - How to Deadlift a House with Jammal TDR, the Deadlift King

Deadlift King
Jammal (or Jammal TDR on TikTok and Instagram) is a behemoth in the fitness space. Active duty military and built for power, Jammal has crushed d...
Ep. 70 - Microdosing Your Weight Plates with Michael from Micro Gainz

Ep. 70 - Microdosing Your Weight Plates with Michael from Micro Gainz

dumbbell weight plates
Michael is owner of Micro Gainz, a company focused on eeking out every last pound of your workouts. Innovator around the fractional weight plate, o...
Ep. 69 - World's Strongest Woman Rhianon Lovelace

Ep. 69 - World's Strongest Woman Rhianon Lovelace

FreedomCast Podcast
Rhianon Lovelace is pound for pound the strongest woman on the planet. In this episode we ask her about her rise to stardom in the Strongman world,...
custom home gym

Ep. 67 - How to Build a Custom Home Gym with Brandon Campbell Diamond

Brandon Campbell Diamond
Brandon Campbell Diamond, or Basement Brandon as his followers know him best, is a home gym and basement gym reviewer who has seen absolutely smash...
Beth Feraco

Ep. 66 - Smack Talking Fitness Bullsh** with Beth Feraco

Beth Feraco Fitness
Beth Feraco has a nack for pissing people off in the fitness business who are selling lies, BS, and overcomplicating and gatekeeping health and nut...
Dylan from Abmat

Ep. 65 - How to Disrupt the Fitness Industry with Dylan from Abmat

FreedomCast Podcast
Dylan Tellam is the VP of Innovation for Abmat, and passionate about disrupting the fitness industry in fundamental ways. His work with creators, a...
optimum results fitness

Ep. 64 - Building the Greatest Training Center in the USA with Trey (Optimum Result Fitness)

FreedomCast Podcast
Trey is dedicated to an entire life approach when it comes to fitness. He takes a completely different view on how his clients should train, eat, s...
no bs fitness

Ep. 63 - Destroying Fitness BS with Matt Van Der Laar

FreedomCast Podcast
Matt Van Der Laar is a passionate fitness coach and No BS influencer who has dedicated his career to stripping away the nonsense portions of the fi...