FreedomCast Episode 21: Michele Moe, Masters Champion Powerlifter

Today we interview Michele Moe of MoeStronger, an 18 time champion powerlifter who is now 52 years old! Michele is a massive inspiration to older women in weightlifting and powerlifting, and has been extremely successful in her own powerlifting career. This interview was eye-opening about lifting past 40, and the kind of lifestyle someone can achieve even at an older age.

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The FreedomCast Podcast was started by a guy buying and selling fitness equipment in his backyard. In less than a year, I quit my full-time job, and started a fitness empire. I now interview unique and interesting entrepreneurs in the health and fitness industry who have built businesses around helping others become more active. It's fun, it's entertaining, it's informative, it's what fitness should be.

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