Best Stationary Bike for Weight Loss
Weight loss can be challenging. Whether you are a former athlete who gained a few extra pounds, someone who has struggled with being overweight your whole life or simply just looking to improve your body composition and your overall health, we know there are many challenges to losing weight. However, it can be done, so congratulations on wherever you are at in this journey.

Losing weight can be achieved in a number of ways, but two of the most effective are diet and exercise. The old saying, "You can't outwork a bad diet," is certainly true, but in this article, our focus is on exercise, specifically exercise on a stationary bike.

There are many different types of exercises and exercise routines that focus on losing weight. At the heart of losing weight is losing fat. When people mention losing weight, no one is meaning that they want to lose muscle. We already know everyone wants big muscles.

Note, that losing fat is best achieved when your diet, sleep, stress, and exercise are being taken care of together. While exercising by itself is an awesome start, be sure to address all areas of your health.


So, What's the Best Stationary Bike Workout for Weight Loss?

Let's jump in.

There's always going to be a discrepancy when talking about the best workout and it is no different with stationary bike workouts. However, generally, it is accepted that there are two types of training that will help you lose fat.


1) Zone 2

Zone 2 Training

Zone 2 refers to your heart rate level. There are five total zones, with zone 1 being very casual like a slow walk, and zone 5 being red-line, full send, laying on the floor dead afterward.

This training takes place at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. If you have a heart rate monitor or watch that tells you your heart rate, these can be great tools to give you a good idea of where you are. If you don't, 60-70% of your maximum heart rate is one in which you are moving consistently and can carry on a conversation with a few pauses for breath here and there. Ideally, you want to be at a manageable pace of movement where you are slightly out of breath.

In order to get the effects of zone 2 training, you want to be sure to spend at least 45 minutes working out in the zone 2 range. Speaking of effects, what type of health benefits can you expect by starting to use zone 2 training? I'm glad you asked.

  1. Lower blood pressure

  2. Greater endurance

  3. Lower resting heart rate

  4. Better performance in higher-intensity exercise

Oh, and let's talk about the big one - weight loss, specifically fat loss. So, zone 2 training, also known as aerobic training, uses fat as its fuel. When we exercise, at a very basic level, our body has to burn calories in order to produce the energy necessary to perform the task we are seeking to do. One of the greatest benefits of zone 2 training is that fat is that source.

Zone 2 Bike Workout:

Hop on a stationary bike and start pedaling for at least 45 minutes. Pay special attention to your heart rate monitor to be sure you aren't going too hard or too easy - you wanna stay right in that sweet spot. It may be a good idea to start with 15 to 20 minutes and slowly build up if you are new to exercise. I would argue this is the best stationary bike workout for weight loss.



Fitness Watch for HIIT Training

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is another great way to lose weight.

If zone 2 is the slow and steady tortoise, HIIT is the hare. HIIT training generally involves periods of intense exercise followed by less intense exercise or rest. This type of training is great for spiking your heart rate and allowing you to work really hard for a short amount of time.

HIIT uses primarily carbohydrate stores for fuel, so while probably not as great for burning fat as zone 2, it is still a great option for burning calories, improving cardiovascular health, and losing weight. Plus, it can be a great way to mix up your workouts for not only your physical health but your sanity.

HIIT Bike Workout:

Start with 30 seconds of hard pedaling followed by 2 minutes of easy pedaling. Repeat this 1o times for a total of 25 minutes. As you begin to improve, you can increase the amount of time hard pedaling and decrease the easy pedaling. This is a fun way to get in your indoor cycling.


Which Stationary Bike is Best for Weight Loss?

In all honesty, you can lose weight with any exercise bike. The goal is to move and burn calories. However, I will give you a few of our favorites that I think bring a little bit more to the stationary bike conversation.


1) Concept 2 Indoor Stationary Bike

BikeErg Concept 2 Indoor Stationary Bike

The C2 bike, which uses Concept 2's famous flywheel and performance monitor, is a great all-around bike. Want to zone 2 steady state training? This bike is perfect. Want to push hard and hit interval training? This bike can handle it.

This bike is made to last and will light up your quads if you let it.

Check it out here.


2) Air Bike Commerical Grade Fan Bike

Air Bike Commerical Grade Fan Bike

Fan bikes can provide a ton of resistance - the harder you pedal the more resistance you receive. Most of the time, a stationary bike has a damper setting, allowing you to choose resistance, but not this one. Add in the handles and you can get a full-body workout. This can be great if you are short on time and want to get a quick, full-body, challenging workout.

While this stationary bike is great for HIIT, it can also be used for your zone 2 workouts - so don't let it scare you.

Check it out here.


3) Schwinn IC3 Stationary Bike

IC3 Bike - The Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike For Your Home Gym | Schwinn

If you like more of a spin class and indoor cycling feel, this may be the stationary bike for you. Schwinn's IC3 is great for training for a triathlon or trying to lose thirty pounds.

Powered by a flywheel and silent belt, this bike is great for indoor use, especially if noise is a factor. You can crush all of your weight loss workouts with this exercise bike.

Check it out here.


Wrap Up

There you go, the best exercise bikes and stationary bike workouts to help you lose that stubborn weight. Be sure to check out not only our selection of stationary bikes but also all of our cardio and conditioning equipment here.

Weight loss is hard, but you can do it. Whether using a bike, running, lifting weights, or joining a yoga class - we are cheering you on at Freedom Fitness Equipment. We are here for you in your weight loss journey and would love to help you find the equipment you need to succeed. Please reach out with any questions or leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you!



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