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Have you ever purchased fitness equipment but been unsure about what training program to use?

Ever wanted a training program that wasn't just a crappy, poorly written template spit out by a machine?

Haven't been getting the results you crave and want something more from your training?

Well we purchased one of the BEST training programs on the market and are GIVING IT AWAY COMPLETELY FREE!!

Built by renowned pro-coach Rob Polenik, this training program will get you shredded and built in no time. This is no ordinary training program.This was built by the BEST, handcrafted for YOU.

This is a hand-crafted training program by a professional who actually knows his stuff, and isn't just another influencer on Instagram!

Not convinced? Let me tell you a little about Rob...

Brutal Iron Gym - Robert Polenik | LinkedIn
(Robert Polenik)

A little bit about Rob Polenik:

Rob has been a Personal Trainer since 2002 and has owned Brutal Iron Gym since 2011. He has worked with over 2,500+ clients and has a teaching history of 500+ students at the university level.


He has worked with clients to earn Pro Cards in aesthetic sports, Elite Totals and national / state records in powerlifting, have worked with professional and Olympic athletes and have worked with high school athletes to earn D1 scholarships.


He has worked with other training facilities as a consultant in areas of personal training service structure and programming, membership support, finances, equipment design and selection, and more.

Rob’s Experience

– Personal Trainer since 2002
– 3,000+ client history
– 7 yrs university teaching (Exercise Physiology, etc)
– 500+ taught in Personal Trainer Development
– 10+ Facilities Developed (Business Service)

Rob’s Stats
– Personal Trainer for 20+ years
– Podcast – 285,000+ downloads | 100+ countries!
– Coached clients for 100+ competitions of all goals
*** IFBB & Natural Pro Cards
*** Elite & Top 10 ranked Powerlifters
*** Professional Sport & Olympic Athletes
– 100+lb lean body weight gained since 18 yrs old
– Over doubled SBD Total since 18 yrs old

Rob’s Education
– MS Human Nutrition
– BS Health and Physical Education
– ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
– NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
– ASFA Tactical Instructor
– ASFA Fitness Running Coach


This program originally cost over $1500 to build! But you can get it completely for FREE!

Ready to see what training program he built for us now?

Check it out HERE, along with a FULLY detailed guide AND VIDEOS of how to do individual exercises:

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