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So you just started your own home gym, but you don't know how to put together the basic pieces to make a home gym a reality.

However, from part 1 of this blog post series, you know that a squat rack is a good place to start.

A squat rack can really make a difference as you start building out your home gym. You can perform all sorts of weightlifting movements using the squat rack, from benchpress and deadlift, to overhead press and squat. Basic compound movements which will increase your strength, help with weightloss, increase your energy level, and help you become more active!

Squat racks normally come with different types of attachments, some of which we will discuss below:

  J-Cup Squat Rack Attachment


The most essential attachment for any squat rack in your home gym. Whether you are racking your barbell, need something to hold your bar before you start a squat, or are doing rack pulls and shrugs from a raised position off the floor, J-cups are essential to any rack.

J-cups are a J-shaped piece of metal, normally lined with UHMW hard plastic to prevent wear and tear on your barbell. They allow the bar to sit on the "cup" portion of the J-cup, and are adjustable to different heights, depending on your body type.

J-cups allow you to "rack" (or store) your bar while not in use, and act as a holder for your bar before you squat, benchpress, overhead press etc. You can adjust the J-cup to different heights for different weightlifting movements so that when you "unrack" (or remove) the barbell from the J-Cup, it is in the perfect position, and you do not spend too much effort getting the barbell into the proper position for your lift.

When you buy a squat rack, make sure that some type of J-cup is included with your purchase.

See below for a video of what a J-cup is, and what it looks like!



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