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So you just started your own home gym. You looked at Coop from Garage Gym Reviews, or Brandon Diamond, or Allan Thrall's videos on Youtube and saw that their setups were amazing and you want to give it a go.

Unfortunately, you don't know what anything means, or how to put together a home gym, and you don't even know what terms to use when searching for products in the home gym space. Terms like "free weights," "Olympic plates," "cambered bars," and "monolifts" sound like Greek to you.

You know they have been talking a lot about "racks", and that's a good place to start. So why don't we look at what a "rack" is, and how to determine the best rack for your situation?


Let's start by introducing a few terms, with photos for clarity:


Squat Rack

Squat rack - a generic term for a rack that, at a minimum, allows you to squat. This could include sub-categories such as power racks, half racks, or combo racks.


Power Rack

Power Rack - term for a full "power cage", which is a 4-post metal cage that allows you to squat, benchpress, deadlift, and overhead press all using one unit (the power rack).


Half Rack

Half Rack - a version of a power rack. This is basically a power rack cut in half. Depending on the types of attachments, you may be able to squat, benchpress, and deadlift, but the footprint of this rack is much more compact, since it is half the size of a power rack. Less versatile than a power rack, but saves space when you are tight on square footage.


That's it for now! In the next article, we will introduce different types of power rack and half rack attachments for your home gym or commercial gym space, including photos and videos from our FreedomCast podcast!


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