NEW Pulley Cable Lat Pulldown System for Squat Racks, Power Racks, and Home Gyms

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Ever been interested in buying a full pulley cable system but always been too afraid of the price tag? Well now you can with our full pulley cable system from Freedom Fitness Equipment.

Perform multiple exercises, including overhead tricep extensions, standing tricep extensions, external and internal rotation movements, one torso twists, wood chop, kickbacks, russian twists, face pulls, rear delt rows and MANY more with just one system!

Or buy 2 and connect the cables together for low rows, bicep curls, low crunches, shotgun rows, squats, reverse lunges, and MORE!

What's included?

  1. 3 carabiners
  2. Tricep rope
  3. Loading pin (can take 1" or 2" Olympic plates)
  4. Pulley
  5. Strap (for attaching to any load-bearing surface)

Get this incredible package today for your home gym, and never worry again about getting another piece of equipment!

Freedom Fitness Equipment in the Charlotte, NC region are the experts and selecting the best fitness equipment for your home gym, personal training studio, or commercial facility needs.

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