35lb plates

Want a little spicy take for your home gym diary?

Check it out as we go through our Top 10 Hot Takes on Home Gyms, gym equipment, Crossfit, Titan Fitness, and MORE.



Time stamps:
0:11 - Titan DOESN'T Suck, and NEVER HAS
1:48 - Rep Fitness Will Take Rogue's CROWN
2:33 - Strongman is the New Crossfit
3:23 - Single Use Fitness Equipment SUCKS
4:31 - NordicTrack is TERRIBLE
5:07 - Thin Gym Flooring is a SCAM
6:11 - Thick Sleeves on Barbells is a CRIME
6:57 - Ribbed Barbell Sleeves is Like Nails on a Chalkboard
7:35 - AC Units are Actually Fitness Equipment
8:42 - 35lb Plates Should Be Destroyed

1. Titan is good, and always has been
2. Rep Fitness will take over Rogue given enough time
3. Strongman will become the next Crossfit
4. Gyms should NEVER have single-use fitness equipment at any time, everything should be multifunctional
5. Nordic Track is trash
6. Companies who try to sell you 1/4" flooring for your gym for anything OTHER than aesthetics are ripping you off, 1/2" only supports around 400lbs, imagine what 1/4" supports!?
7. Companies MUST stop making barbells with thick sleeves
8. Ribbed sleeves on a barbell are like nails on a chalkboard
9. The #1 most important piece of fitness equipment is an AC unit. Since you can workout WITHOUT weights, having a comfortable environment makes you WANT to enter the gym.
10. All 35lb plates should be melted down and made into 25lb and 10lb plates.

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