NEW 20kg/45lb Men's Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell by FringeSport

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Nicknamed "Black Magic", this barbell will slay the competition and be the wisest addition to your arsenal. One of the BEST needle bearing barbells on the market, since the first version of the Wonder Bar was introduced, Fringe Sport blacksmiths have spent many years heating up, hammering out and perfecting a far superior model in their top-secret forge.

Feel the difference on this best in class Olympic barbell for your gym today!

When you're lifting, and in your zone, grinding out that last rep, do you think about the barbell? Do you even feel the barbell? Or does the barbell become a seamless extension of your body and movement? If you haven't had the pleasure of using such a well-crafted barbell, that's going to make you feel like you're gripping future forward cybersteel, then today your workouts have forever improved thanks to the best bar out there- the Fringe Sport Wonder Bar.


  • Bearings great for seasoned barbell users and Olympic lifters.
  • 20kg/45lb classic men's barbell, 7' length
  • Black zinc-plated alloy steel. The 28mm shaft diameter is great for Olympic movements.
  • 1600lb weight capacity.

Checkout FringeSport's Video on this barbell here:


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