260lb Set Premium Olympic Bumper Plates

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An absolutely incredible bumper plate SET of 260lbs of our BEST bumper plates.

Incluedes 45/35/25/15/10lb Pairs

These dead bounce bumpers won't smell, stain your hands, or fly up and hit you in the face like cheaper crumb bumper plates. Like the premium bumpers used by professionals, these Olympic bumper plates with contrasting colors have a dead bounce, only slightly coming off the floor after a drop.

Long lasting, warrantied, odorless, and high quality, these smooth-faced plates will keep you going in the gym whether it be for Crossfit, powerlifting, weightlifting, or any strength sport.

The best part about these bumper plates is that you can drop the 10lb and 15lb plates without loading heavier plates next to them! They're durable enough to stand up to repeated drops all on their own! Other 10lb and 15lb plates will bend and break the first time you drop them, but not these!

Stainless steel inserts help avoid rust over time, and an extreme adherence to tolerance standards means your weights will actually weigh what they say they weigh!

Give your gym a facelift with these premium bumper plates today, and say goodbye to cheap, warped, or used bumper plates with can explode on you at any time.

Need individual pairs? Check out our individually priced bumper plates HERE.

Our plates are designed to survive being dropped repeatedly. The rubber build is much thicker than just a coating and the hubs are thick stainless steel insert rings with a 3-anchor point system. This design locks in the center hub, making them durable enough for competitive weightlifting gyms.

Virgin rubber with stainless steel inserts, a far higher quality than most plates on the market today!

45mm IWF Standard Diameter, Commercial Grade

+/-1% of Stated Weight

90 day warranty on 10lb/15lb
1 year warranty on 25/35/45lb

45lb - 80mm/3.1" Width, 450mm/17.7" Diameter
35lb - 70mm/2.7" Width, 450mm/17.7" Diameter
25lb - 55mm/2.1" Width, 450mm/17.7" Diameter
15lb - 30mm/1.1" Width, 450mm/17.7" Diameter
10lb - 20mm/0.7" Width, 450mm/17.7" Diameter

Freedom Fitness Equipment® in the Charlotte, NC region are the experts and selecting the best fitness equipment for your home gym, personal training studio, or commercial facility needs.

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