Compact Olympic Plate Home Gym Package + Pulley

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Package: with NEW Basic Zinc 45lb Barbell
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We are now offering Compact Home Gym Packages which include a Commercial Rated Wall Mounted Squat Rack and YOUR CHOICE of a barbell!

Don't settle for crappy home gym packages that don't fit your needs. Get a high quality set for your home gym or training facility today that fits in a compact footprint and can fold away for convenience!

The packages all include the following:

  1. Black wall-mount squat rack
  2. Fully Adjustable FID Bench (1500lb rated)
  3. Barbell (your choice)
  4. 245lbs of Cast Iron Weight Plates
  5. BONUS: Pulley System (Hangs Anywhere!)

These packages come at a significant savings compared to buying everything separately! Get these for your home gym today!



Package Details:

1. The black wall mount squat rack is a fantastic rack that stores away for compact storage in your garage or home.Use it for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, weightlifting, and functional training. If you are looking for an inexpensive, yet sturdy addition to your home gym or garage gym, something that will stand the test of time, looks great, and has superior construction and build, this is for you!

Want to purchase JUST the squat rack? Check it out HERE.

It Includes

  • Uprights: 3x3" 11 gauge steel, 90.375" height
  • Inside Depth: Inside depth - 21.5" 
  • Hardware: 1" bolts
  • Includes one set of J-Cups


2. The fully adjustable FID bench allows you to hit every muscle group at every angle, and is 1500lb rated for ultimate stability and safety. This bench has the ability to go all the way to a vertical position for military/strict presses, and all the way to a decline for decline benchpress, dumbbell press, and other exercises.

Need sturdy weight benches in a different style? Browse our amazing selection of weight benches HERE.



3. Barbells come in different styles and are available depending on your training needs! Currently we have

  • NEW, Basic barbell, 700lb capacity, 45lbs, zinc coated, with bushings. 7' long.
  • NEW, commercial grade women's cross-training barbell, a 15kg/35lb zinc coated, 25mm, zinc coated, with needle bearings, rated for commercial environments, with a LIFETIME construction warranty! 7' long.
  • NEW, commercial grade men's cross-training barbell, a 20kg/45lb zinc coated, 28mm, zinc coated, with needle bearings, rated for commercial environments, with a LIFETIME construction warranty! 7' long.
  • NEW, commercial grade Midwest Power Bar (blem), one of the BEST multi-purpose power bars on the market with an medium, great gripping knurl, black zinc coating, 45lb weight, 28.5mm shaft, and 165,000 PSI steel! Possible blemishes include small scratches or blemishes in the finish, minor knurl tracking issues, or other cosmetic blemishes. The bars perform and function exactly as new barbells and have never been used.  7' long.

Want to buy a barbell by itself? Check out our wide array of commercial grade barbells HERE!

    4. Brand new oldschool cast iron weight plates, white-on-black, with that classic cast iron look and feel!

    Includes a pair each of 45lb/35lb/25lb/10lb/5lb/2.5lb plates. These plates are what people remember from the glory days of lifting, with that classic and timeless look!

    Need to purchase weight plates, or cast iron plates individually? Check out our selection of free weights HERE.


    Pulley System

    5. BONUS: A pulley system which you can hang anywhere, including on your squat rack, to do lat pulldowns, tricep work, accessory work, load for rows, or any other type of exercise! A pulley system completely eliminates the need for an expensive pulley system which costs thousands of dollars, and replaces it with a versatile piece of equipment that you can pack up and take with you anywhere!



    Freedom Fitness Equipment in the Charlotte, NC region are the experts and selecting the best fitness equipment for your home gym, personal training studio, or commercial facility needs.

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