NEW Body Solid Dumbbell Rack Commercial Grade with Expandable 3rd Tier GDR60

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Style: 2-Tier
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Condition: NEW  |  Shipping Available: Yes

Brand new, commercial grade 2-tier dumbbell rack (can fit 5-50lb dumbbells) with expandable 3rd tier area (available for additional sets of dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. for 5-70lb dumbbells or kettlebells). Super heavy duty rack that can hold 2000lbs of weight, meant for commercial gyms or personal training facilities that need heavy duty racks for lifting.

Buy additional shelves for this rack through this listing!

This dumbbell rack is meant for serious lifters, and is not the cheap racks that are sold in Walmart, or Dick's Sporting Goods. This commercial grade dumbbell rack is meant to hold all sorts of dumbbells from 5-50lbs+

WARRANTY: LIFETIME Manufacturer Warranty!

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Dimensions: 23” L X 63” W X 32” H

Freedom Fitness Equipment® in the Charlotte, NC region are the experts and selecting the best fitness equipment for your home gym, personal training studio, or commercial facility needs.

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