Essentials Bumper Plate Barbell Packages

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Package: 260lbs with Used Wright 15kg/35lb Barbell
Sale price$500.00

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Condition: See Below  |  Shipping Available: Yes

Bumper plate and barbell packages to fit every home gym need. Your choice of a commercial quality barbell (NEW or used) and a NEW full 260lb set of bumper plates.

Set includes:

  • Commercial barbell (your choice, see below)
  • NEW Full set of factory second bumper plates (45lb/35lb/25lb/15lb/10lb pairs - 260lbs total)
    • Bumpers which may have some cosmetic imperfections. Brand new and perfectly usable, quality checked prior to leaving our facility.


Barbells come in different styles and are available depending on your training needs! Currently we have:

  • Used, Wright commercial grade women's barbell, a 15kg/35lb Wright barbell (made in the USA), 25mm, black coated, with bushings, rated for commercial environments. 6.5' long.
  • NEW, Basic chrome barbell, 600lb capacity, 45lbs with a 30 day manufacturer's defect warranty, 30mm, chrome coated, with bushings. 7' long.
  • NEW, commercial grade men's barbell, a 20kg/45lb zinc coated, 28mm, zinc coated, with needle bearings, rated for commercial environments, with a LIFETIME construction warranty! 7' long.
  • NEW, commercial grade Kansas Power Bar (blemish), one of the BEST power bars on the market with an aggressive knurl, IPF specs, zinc coated shaft, 20kg/45lb weight, 28.5mm shaft, and 200,000 PSI steel!  7' long. Possible blemishes include small scratches or blemishes in the finish, minor knurl tracking issues, or other cosmetic blemishes. The bars perform and function exactly as new barbells and have never been used.

Freedom Fitness Equipment in the Charlotte, NC region are the experts and selecting the best fitness equipment for your home gym, personal training studio, or commercial facility needs.

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