Hammer Clad Rubber Flooring/Turf Adhesive Glue 3 Gal

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Comes in 3 gallon pails.

Hammer Clad adhesive is the perfect solution for any rubber flooring or turf application you have. Building a commercial gym, personal training studio, health club, or just want to have a home gym with a professional floor? Then look no further than Hammer Clad professional grade rubber flooring adhesive, perfect for a wide variety of projects requiring heavy duty adhesive or glue to keep heavy rolling loads from crinkling or destroying your floor.

This adhesive creates an almost indestructible bond with the floor, without etching or destroying the sub-floor beneath. Use it on rubber flooring and turf easily, or multiple other materials and substrates!

Professionally formulated with commercial quality, backed by the best brand in the business, Hammer Clad!


Here's how we stack up vs. "those other guys":


What's so special about this adhesive glue?
  • Can be used for all resilient, rubber floors, AND turf unlike MOST brands!
  • Can be applied indoor or outdoors, whereas OTHER brands are ONLY for use indoors!
  • Can be used for horizontal OR vertical applications (floors and walls included!), no need for 2 different adhesives!
  • No moisture testing required - just roll and go!
  • Not affected by water after fully cured (in only 6 hours!) - it's waterproof!
  • 100% rH on absorbent sub-floors!


Looking for a less permanent solution to keeping your flooring down? Check out our Hammer Clad double sided tape HERE!


Recommended Uses for Hammer Clad Adhesive Glue:

  • Commercial / Residential
  • Absorbent substrates
  • Interior / Exterior
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC flooring in sheets and tiles
  • Luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring
  • Solid vinyl plank or tile per ASTM F1700
  • Rubber flooring (over absorbent substrate, no airing time needed)
  • Rubber and vinyl stair treads
  • Agglomerated rubber flooring in tiles and rolls
  • Needle punch
  • Linoleum
  • Cork flooring with PVC backing
  • Outdoor flooring
  • Artificial grass on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates (indoors and outdoors)


Technical Data Sheet


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