Indestructible Immortal Wall Ball/Medicine Ball/Slam Ball Combo

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Size: 10lb
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A REVOLUTIONARY product in the world of fitness, the absolutely indestructible Immortal wall ball/medicine ball/slam ball combo is the PERFECT combination of multiple training methods wrapped up into one compact training tool, the Immortal Wall Ball!

If you have never tried an Immortal Wall Ball before, you are in for a treat! Frustrated with other balls that lose their shape over time, get destroyed, or just can't stand up. Made from virgin rubber, these wall balls have been dropped from an airplane, run over with a truck, shot with a shotgun shell, and put through a ton of testing to ensure the highest quality and durability. This will be the LAST wall ball you will ever need!

And the best part is, the warranty!


That's right! You'll never have to worry about getting another wall ball or medicine ball again!

Check out these insane videos testing the Immortal Wall Ball:



 And another!


Get the BEST wall ball in existence TODAY!


Freedom Fitness Equipment® in the Charlotte, NC region are the experts and selecting the best fitness equipment for your home gym, personal training studio, or commercial facility needs.

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