NEW Body Solid Open Hex Trap Bar OTB100

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Welcome to the absolute BEST budget open hex trap bar on the market today! This compact, yet spacious, open hex trap bar, beats all OTHER hex trap bars on the market by a MILE! Not only is this trap bar commercial grade, with a FAR higher weight rating than regular trap bars (1000lbs weight rating), it surpasses them all by having built-in jack stands that lift the bar off the ground for EASY loading of olympic weight plates!

The hex trap bar combines many of the same elements of the deadlift in a far safer manner by displacing the load and positioning you in a better plane of motion for lifting than a straight deadlift barbell.

Combine that with roomy 16.25" smooth chrome sleeves that keep your weight plates in place, and handles in two different positions so you don't break your back when deadlifting, this trap bar has everything you need to make your next workout a winner.


Checkout our review of the Body Solid OTB100 Open Hex Trap Bar here!:



Manufacturer's Description:

The Body-Solid Tools OTB100 Open Trap Bar is a revolutionary tool offering a wide walkthrough design, a built-in bar jack stand, and dual high & low handle positioning. The OTB100 Open Trap Bar makes deadlifts, shrugs, lunges, single-leg squats, farmer's carries, and many more great movements more accessible and effective than ever. 
The OTB100 Open Trap Bar's dual high & low handles are ergonomic with medium knurling offering stability, balance, and safety during intense lifts. Thanks to its innovative design, the OTB100 Open Trap Bar is also a built-in bar jack raising the weight sleeves above the ground, making weight plate loading and unloading effortless. The OTB100's 16.25" plate sleeves are designed to fit 2" diameter Olympic weight plates, and the bar has a robust 1000 lb. weight capacity. 

  • Makes deadlifts, shrugs, lunges & more easier and more effective
  • Dual high & low ergonomic handles
  • Built-in bar jack
  • 16.25" plate sleeves
  • Compatible with 2” diameter Olympic plates
  • Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs. 
  • Product Weight: 58 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 26” L x 73” H x 7.5” H

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