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We offer multiple lengths, thicknesses, and styles, from rolled rubber flooring, to mats, tiles, and turf. Click the "Request a Quote" button NOW (or call 980.216.4860) to get started!

Our rubber flooring rolls offer top tier durability, performance, and appearance. It is excellent for shock absorption, dampening the blow from free weights. In fact, this flooring is very versatile for many applications. Made from 100% recycled rubber and manufactured for durability and also serve as an effective buffer against acoustical vibration.

Just want premium gym rubber flooring mats? Check out our 4' x 6', 3/4" thick premium gym flooring HERE.


The surface is easy to clean and maintain and are non-slip. Our rubber rolls are manufactured in the USA from recycled American rubber. All accomplished by hard working Americans locally and helping our community grow.


Rubber gym mats and tiles are awesome because they are easy to clean. Just use a damp mop, mild soap, and go to work! Whether you have dirt, grime, or debris on the mats, sweep it off and wipe the mats down for a low effort cleaning solution.


This flooring can absolutely take a beating with whatever your application, whether it be personal training studios, commercial facilities, horse stalls, animal bedding, equine facilities, warehouses, or whatever fitness equipment or gym equipment you might have on top. Deadlift, squat, or benchpress on these mats, they will do your dirty work and protect your floor from damage in the process!

No one wants a floor that will shift and move around them in the middle of a workout, right? Well, you won’t have to worry about that with our rubber mats because they are heavy enough to stay in place. Depending on the thickness you choose your mats to be, they are tough enough to put up with heavy free weights and heavy equipment.


We offer multiple lengths, thicknesses, and styles, from rubber flooring, to mats, tiles, and turf. Click the "Request a Quote" button NOW to get started!


See photos for examples of our work (rolled rubber flooring, as well as premium gym mat installation)!


Rubber Gym Flooring
Gym Flooring Rubber
Gym Flooring
Rubber Gym Tiles
Gym Tiles Rubber


Freedom Fitness Equipment in the Charlotte, NC region are the experts and selecting the best fitness equipment for your home gym, personal training studio, or commercial facility needs.

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