SportsArt Elliptical E835 Cardio Conditioning

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SportsArt E835 elliptical, commercial grade and built to last! Not only can you get your lower body toned and fit in time for summer, you can also get a sturdy piece of cardio that lasts for a long time without the need to charge batteries or plug in! This fully self-powered elliptical is compact enough to use in any environment or setting without risking taking up a massive amount of space like traditional ellipticals.

Scratch your existing thinking about ellipticals, as this one is SUPER unique and allows for stride length adjustments manually, and adjustable resistance settings as well.

Manufacturer description:

The SportsArt E835 Elliptical is a fully self-powered exercise option designed to provide a total-body, low-impact workout.

Never again will you have to make the trip to the gym to use their elliptical machine. The SportsArt E835 Elliptical is designed to fit comfortably in your home gym.

Each E835 Elliptical features MyFlex pedal cushioning that provides a comfortable workout platform. It also comes with an integrated mobile phone and tablet holder, dual headphone jack with built-in volume control, and a wireless heart rate monitoring system that can be paired with a heart rate monitor.

Did I mention this Elliptical is fully self-powered? The E835 features a quick start function for every program and 40 levels of resistance.

Dimensions: 79.1 x 24.4 x 68.1 in

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